Our Services

Our services support The Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s mission to enhance the quality of life for all people and help them work toward living self-sufficient, dignified lives. We do so with the help of kind donors and compassionate volunteers. Assistance may include food, clothing, furniture, rent, utility, emotional and spiritual support.  The ultimate goal is to meet emergency or basic needs, keep families together by preventing homelessness and promoting self-sufficiency.

Home Visit Ministry: Going to Those in Need

We get to know the people we help by going directly to them. Our Home Visit Ministry allows us to be of the utmost assistance by experiencing first-hand how the people we help are living. Visiting the homes of people in need allows us to determine the exact nature and details of help required. Many people struggle just to keep the lights on and keep the family under one roof. (read more)

Our Food Pantry Provides Nourishment and Necessities

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Garden City Food Pantry supports the growing needs of a community in terms of individuals, the elderly, and families in need of nourishment and basic needs. Our food pantry promotes healthy diets and, above all else, dignified lives by providing discreet access to nonperishable food items, special diet items, and household goods, such as paper products, baby items, and hygiene necessities.

Voucher Ministry: Basic Needs for Dignified Living

Where we can, we strive to provide immediate help for people every day as those needs arise regardless of race, education, citizenship or background. In addition, the Society has adopted a distinct way in which we can provide assistance for the underprivileged and underserved in a discreet and dignified way. Those in need have to make tough choices between food, rent, utilities, transportation and medical bills. We help ease those decisions by providing vouchers to the utilities and landlords when a critical point has been reached and our funding allows.

Collaboration & Referrals: Our Network Impacts Thousands

We work with other people and organizations of good will to relieve needs and address its causes. We are serving in the Garden City area and are growing.  As we have grown our network is also growing to encompass a multitude of resources in the event additional support is needed. Those same resources many times call on us.

Emotional and Spiritual Support: Compassion for People Drives Us

We live the Gospel, praying with people and lending an ear when we can. Loving and compassionate interest in individuals is one of our primary roles. The direct person-to-person dialogue that Vincentians, those hard-working individuals at our pantries have with those in need truly distinguishes the Society from other social agencies. When we have a good understanding of the root of the cause, we can address longer-term solutions for helping our friends lead self-sufficient, dignified lives.


843-424-3820 to set up an appointment or find out more information.


Our food pantry is open each Wednesday from 3 to 5 PM at Saint Michael Church (Parish activity center) and no appointment is necessary to receive food.


This institution is an equal opportunity provider. Click below for full statement.

Nondiscrimination Statement


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